Rock im Park


Massage, Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

Hey there,

“Rock im Park” supports a special service of physical therapy. This service will give you the chance to enjoy, relax and even get therapeutic treatments for special needs like muscle or back pain, headache, problems with ankles and range of movement or other common problems for a musician on tour.

You will be treated by professional Therapists, both educated in Physiotherapy & Osteopathy.

Signing in is easy:

>Visit or give a call to the „Production Office“ at the Grundig Stadion, here are the lists to sign in.
>Choose a time and sign in with your Name and the Band you accompany.
>Each Slot is charged with 35€.
>Double Slots (60 minutes) are also possible.

Finding us is easy:

The SPA is in the VIP-Building, Groundfloor, beneath the Headliner Catering.
See the red dots on the following picture.

Come over right in time for your choosen Slot and enjoy your Treatment!

Any further Questions? See us Backstage and don´t hesitate to ask 😉

Cheers Ralf